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What Makes Us Different

A message from the director, Gill Hadley.

I am a Lawyer of 26 years with a wide range of experience in different areas of the law. Having spent extensive time in a variety of legal organisations, I had chosen to launch Faith Legal Services in September 2020, with the sole purpose to offer a friendly and personal service specialising in insolvency. This could be an individual facing Bankruptcy or a company suffering financial difficulties and Creditor pressure.

My team and I are fueled by my passion, dedicated to achieving the best outcome or result for our clients. Whilst working with us, our clients will only ever deal with a handful of my team, something they’re not likely to experience with corporate legal firms. We strongly believe that consistency is key, meaning that by working with the same legal professional throughout we can ensure quality and clarity.

The Faith Legal Services team are not here to judge, we are here to help.