Trustees Negotiations

Introducing our Trustee Negotiation Service in the UK, where we assist trustees in negotiating agreements with other parties such as beneficiaries, donors, or creditors. Our service covers a wide range of issues including investment decisions, distribution of assets, legal disputes, and governance matters.

As trustees are responsible for managing and administering trusts, our service ensures that they act in the best interests of the beneficiaries and manage trust assets prudently and responsibly.

Our team of experts assists trustees in various contexts, including negotiating investment agreements with investment managers or financial institutions, negotiating contracts with service providers, and negotiating with creditors in the event of financial difficulties.

In addition, our service also provides assistance in negotiating with beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries over issues such as the distribution of trust assets, changes to the terms of the trust, or disputes over the interpretation of the trust deed.

Trustee negotiations can be complex and require a range of skills and expertise, and our team provides the necessary legal, financial, and interpersonal skills to ensure that trustees receive the best possible outcomes. We also advise trustees to seek professional advice when necessary and to ensure that they act in accordance with their legal duties and obligations.

Trustees can rely on our Trustee Negotiation Service to navigate through the complexities of negotiating agreements and to achieve the best possible outcomes for their beneficiaries.

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